About Us

As the word itself speaks it’s all about the ancient Nepal. Hindu mythologies encrypts the era of ancient Nepal where truth, justice and heavenly essence were the assets.

People live in the present with the verge of past memories . However, there are varieties of historical monuments, coins, temples, images of Gods and Goddesses, works of art, inscriptions, etc. which throw light on our past.

Though we adapt with the changing surroundings ..new monuments ..tall buildings and wide spread 6 lane roads ,while we memories Nepal we still have the same oldies mesmerizing Nepal, with its beauties and specialties lingered within itself.

The special rituals, civilization ,culture life style that again vary with different cast and customs accordingly. Festivals, social gatherings, dances, songs and folklore’s were part of the lifestyles then. The ancient period had witnessed rise and fall of various dynasties and the subsequent development. The majestic land of Nepal has allured the then British Government when they were ruling India. But they were never successful to get hold of Nepal. Hence, Nepal takes the pride of being an independent nation since time immemorial.

We have gathered ancient photography as much as we can so that you can directly witness personally how ancient Nepal give u the glimpse of past and how differently Nepal has converted itself into 21st century Nepal since then.

Your advice ,you views, your words ,you criticism all are our best assets.

The wife of Jagdish Shumshere, Sir Baber Shumshere’s grandson

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